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Jonny's Famous Slow cooker Lamb Roast

Preparation time: 20mins

Cooking time: lamb 5-6hrs(total)

Vegies 1hr-1hr20mins(pending on oven)

ingredients 1x Kialla Organic Lamb Shoulder Roast or Lamb Leg Roast or ezy carve roast

Vegies(potatoe,sweet potatoe, peas, and pumpkin 


Slow cookers cook dishes at low temperatures and therefor take longer to cook.

Ideally this can be started 5-6hrs prior to eating

Take the lamb roast and lie it in a Suitable sized Slow cooker, take rosemary leaves and stems and rest on the roast with whole garlic kernels rested on top also(if the roast is in netting leave the netting as is

 take 1/2 a lemon squeeze over the roast(rubbing it into the lamb if possible)

turn the slow cooker on the SLOW setting and allow to cook for 5hrs.(No liquid needs to be added)

while this is cooking vegies can be prepared peel potatoes and cut into half, add to a pot of salted boiling water, cook for 7-8mins allowing for potatoes to soften up, drain and retain water(can be used for gravy water later)

cool then rest asside

cut up Pumpkin,Sweet potatoe(note these do not need to be boiled,)

line baking dishes with baking paper and place vegies evenly and brush with olive oil and fresh cracked pepper and rock salt.

after 5hrs has passed take whole Lamb roast out of slow cooker and rest on a medium sized baking dish,

retain all juices and pour into 3-4mugs and rest juices in a freezer to allow the juice and lard/drippings to seperate and harden up.

pre heat Oven 180-200degC(fan Forced)

once lard/drippings has turned to a milky white texture(resembles white chocolate) scrape away all white and place in a new mug to be then reheated in a microwave 45sec-1min and take a pastry brush and brush all the potatoes that are placed on a baking tray lined with baking paper( crack pepper and rock salt)

Place Potatoes,Sweet Potatoe,Pumpkin in a Pre heated oven, for 1hr-1hr 20mins

retain all slow cooker juices make a simple gravy, take a small-medium sauce pan and on low -med heat stir in gravy powder according to packets directions adding potatoe water if more liquid is required. Remove from heat source.

Roast would have had sufficent time to rest, take a knife and cut roasts netting away from the roast and discard. Cutting evenly pieces and placing back into the medium sized baking dish.

Pour gravy over sliced pieces of lamb and cover with Aluminium Foil and place in oven with the Veggies for the last 1/2hr they are due to be cooked for.

last 10mins place Peas in Boiling water add Rock Salt and Mint Leaves and Boil for 2mins. Remove from Heat.

Potatoes should have turned golden brown remove all veggies and lamb from the oven

Serving this dish is easy as its already sliced and prepared, and no heat loss  


This is MY very own recipe(in my words too) which I have mastered and perfected, if you have any questions feel free to email me, as it might sound complex and all over the place.


Head Roast Cooker(Arkins Family)


ps If you have tried this recipe and are a better recipe writter than I please feel free to email any updates/suggestions and I will cut and paste the info in.