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Silverside(corned Beef)

Serves 4

Cooking Time(40mins per 500G)

Prep Time-15mins


1x Kialla Organic Sliverside

1 tsp Vinegar

6 Cloves

12 Peppercorns

1 tsp Brown sugar

1 bay leaf



2-3cups Water


1 Remove Meat from cryovac bag and wash

2 Check meats weight(written on the purchase sticker)

allow for 40mins per 500G cooking time

3 Place the meat in a suitable sized saucepan with warm water,and all flavourings

bring to simmering point

4 Turnips, carrots may be cooked in with the meat(allow 30mins)

5 Remove silverside and slice meat and serve on a hot plate, with carrots,turnips

and white sauce(see recipe below)



White Sauce Recipe


1.5 Tbsp Butter

1.5 Tbsp Plain flour

1 cup Milk


1 Melt Butter in a saucepan, do not brown

2 Remove from heat when melted and flour stirring with a wooden spoon

until smooth(salt and pepper may be added at this point)

3 return to a low heat and stir for 1min(Stir to prevent from going brown)

4 Add milk

5 Stir until white sauce boils and thickens