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What is the Breed of Cattle and Sheep

At Kialla Organic, we have a Base herd of Murray grey Females, Murray greys are a breed developed here in Australia,they were first produced in the Murray Valley Region of Victoria in 1905. Murray Greys have become known for their easy calving ability, high level of marbling and quiet temperament


Murray Greys are a ANGUS x SHORTHORN cow and can get colours of silver and grey

We use Senepol and Senegrey(senepol x Murray grey) Bulls at Kialla organic

Senepols are noted for their low birth weights, milk production, heat tolerance and tenderness and marbleing

We got into senepols as a result of helping out a friend who needed to adjist a Senepol Bull"Bryan Lara"(as seen in Images) and a couple of his cows at KIALLA,


14mths later it came time to send some of Bryan lara's steers to the butcher, our butcher at the time phoned us up to ask if we had anymore of those steers? John then told us "That would have to be the best Meat to have come thru these doors"

and so we went down the track of buying some Senepol females and producing our own bulls to be sires at Kialla

and our efforts have paid off, we have produced a bull "Valentine" named after his date of birth, and he has been DNA tested and came back with a impressive top 5% for marbeling(tested by GENESTAR against all bulls in Australia)

and another Bull RICKY PONTING a Senegrey bull is just about to go in with the females and he came back with a top 1% for Tenderness tested by GENESTAR,

So to explain this in a simple form, the steaks produced by Kialla Organic will be the best eating experience you have ever had.



We have a small flock of Dorpers at Kialla Organic, they are a low maintenance breed of sheep, noted for their wool shedding ability and their ability to forage on just about any blade of grass. The breed originated in South Africa and was a result of finding a hardy breed to thrive in the harse conditions. We find that the breed puts more emphasis on meat production and not on wool growing and therefor is a great tasting and very lean end product.

and its quite common to get emails and phone calls saying "That was the best lamb I have ever had"