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Q) What area do you deliver to?

currently Kialla organic is delivering in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Toowoomba

area in our very own Refridgerated truck, 1-3deg Celisus (Food transport Licence,Food Safety Qld)


Q)What day, time would my delivery take place?

delivery will take place on either 1st Friday and 1st Saturday and 3rd Friday and 3rd Saturday of each month. In the check out message function you can choose a AM or PM approximate time.


Q) What is the cut off date for any order?

Generally the Monday before any of the listed dates is fine, this gives us time to put together your order , and enough time to email you back with confirmation of time, and instructions

Q) What if I am not home?

To meet strict standards set out by Food Safety Qld, We ask that a household member be at home to receive your order


Q) If I am not at home, Can you deliver to my workplace?

Yes, We will gladly deliver to a workplace as part of the great service we provide.

*Just remember to include a address in the check out message box of new delivery location


Q) Do you deliver after hours?

Yes, we have a limited after hours service 5pm-7pm on 1st Friday and 3rd Friday of each month


Q) Can I get any products on 2nd and 4th weekends?

Yes, Currently we have a Stand at the Powerhouse Farmers markets located at New Farm

You may be able to pick up your order here as well, and while there try our famous sausage sizzle, and other market delights.


Q) Can I customize my order

Yes, You can choose from our extensive range of Beef or Lamb(when in season)

You can customize to your liking and needs.

click on the beef or lamb tab and choose from the selection

Just remember any order over $150 is free delivery in our set out delivery area.


Q) What if I live in the outside the delivery area?

Please contact us via our contact us page, and we will get back to you promplty to discuss alternative arrangments


Q)What if I have made a order and at last minute require extra meat?

please contact us by phone or mobile to discuss this.

Q) How is Meat packaged?

Kialla Organic meats come in portion sizes, and steaks come generally in 2 steaks per pack, other wise specified in our beef and lamb Tabs

All our meats bar sausages and steakettes come in Cyrovac sealed bags, this process removes the air with in the bag, and aides in the ageing process creating a better product.

All our Cryovac sealed packs can be stored in a refridgerator,(0-4deg Celsius) and can be left in the fridge for 3weeks after delivery

Our Sausages and Steakettes need to be consumed in 3days after delivery or require freezing after this date, this is because our sausages and steakettes are fresh packed.